Star Wars: Fractures – Announcement

After some personal family issues lately I’m happy to announce that my reboot of The Drewton Legacy is named FRACTURES and is back on track, for a premiere date of May 19! It’s been two years in the works and things have changed drastically since I first announced a reboot. I’m really excited with how things are turning out. The story is very fresh and the images have gotten at least 10x better. Commencement will be in five parts posted every two weeks and in addition will be presented in movie format and uploaded to YouTube. Trying to make it as cinematic as possible!

Many more previews coming soon including a trailer. For now here’s a teaser poster.

Still Alive

Hey, it’s been a while, but I’m not dead here! There’s some major news coming up on The Drewton Legacy reboot and my KotOR mod, both of which I have been working on almost nonstop in my spare time, so stay tuned. Darth Kikinou has also been working hard on adding the entire Drewton Legacy original series to Photonovel Alliance and it will be up for reading soon, along with never-before-seen images from cancelled chapters #5 and #24, the last chapters in production.. You can also follow me on Twitter @ABDrewton.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Trailer

Just finished a trailer last night for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II which looks to be an awesome game using music from Inception. Let me know what you think!