The Drewton Legacy: Major Announcement

Star Wars: The Drewton Legacy LogoLast year, in 2008, more chapters were finished for The Drewton Legacy than ever and the photonovel series made its internet debut. However, this year, new chapter releases have been lacking. A total of one chapters was finished – which I thought was the best of the series – and that was in February. This year was more of a year for other projects, like The Sith Lords Massive Improvement Mod.

Work on Chapter 24 had been sporadic. I was working on redos for Chapters 5-11 in March, focusing mainly on the Nockudumey Terrorists, but I’d started regretting a lot of decisions I’d made. Notably, making Bodotor Thuvat a not-terrorist. And Tarisian and Raymus being brothers wasn’t working.

No, I’m not announcing The Drewton Legacy’s end, the final nail in the coffin. Instead I’m giving The Drewton Legacy a complete reboot. Not just redoing chapters. A reboot – the slate is wiped clean. Whatever you knew about the story before no longer exists. Tarisian and Raymus aren’t even brothers anymore. They aren’t kids for the first four chapters either anymore, or portrayed by Sam, Frodo, or Edmund Pevensie from Narnia.

I know uploading later chapters in the series (chronologically) at the same time as the first four confused and lost a lot of readers. They also didn’t work nearly as good visually, and most of the chapters were disjointed and rushed. Lance described the problem with every chapter perfectly – the plotting was dense. I’ll hopefully avoid that with all chapters of this reboot. Everything will be explained. The same shot won’t be used for five lines of dialogue. The images should speak for themselves. Episodes will be much longer.

There’s two important details about the way this is now going to be presented: first, no more 4:3-16:9 aspect ratio – now it is 2.35:1, exactly like in the Star Wars films, as well as being in 720p HD. Secondly, more importantly, I am treating each story-arc like a season, and each story-arc will be completed before one chapter is posted. Finally, and much more importantly, I will also be having video versions of each chapter/episode, presented like a TV series premiering on DrewtonTV (more on that later), before being uploaded on YouTube in HD. Voice acting rather than subtitles is a possibility.

While the story is the main reason I’m doing this, I’ve learned quite a lot technically about special effects since February. Quite a lot, more than I actually thought I had. Here’s on the images I’ve made.

I’m not just announcing this on a whim; this is something I’ve been working on for weeks now. The story for the first story-arc is done, I am just working on the “screenplay” and already have a number of images finished. The basic plot is very much like the original “Siege of Dantooine” chapters, but everything will be much improved. I’m looking back at the comments for the original chapters to see what worked and what didn’t. I hope to have the first episode up in early 2010. January is what I’m hoping for.


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