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Drewton Legacy Preview: Alran Kavis

Time for a new Drewton Legacy preview…featuring a new character on Dantooine, a Nikto named Alran Kavis in a militia under Selus Tarnn, the new Tarisian Drewton.

This week I’ve gotten a lot of progress done on dioramas, something I didn’t really have for the original Siege of Dantooine chapters…actually, I think I only had one, and it was old, from 2006, and not good. The plan is to have Siege done either later this month or in April, and post the three episodes weekly. I’ll also be able to get a three-week head start on the next “trilogy” this way.

One of the things I really noticed afterwards in the old chapters is that I didn’t show much of the actual battle. I showed Jedi Padawan Dular fighting some droids, Idnum-Ki dueling Grievous, and Raymus Drewton hijacking a tank, but there was really no sign from the pictures that the battle was anything close to wide scale. That’s going to change in the reboot.