TDL Siege: New Details

Rendered image of 3D Dantooine planet model, made to look as close to the original from Knights of the Old Republic as possible.

In serious news, here are some actual details for The Drewton Legacy: Siege. Spoiler warning, mainly for those who did not read the original chapters.

  • Dular is already a Jedi Knight.
  • Kaleesh General Grievous has found an abadoned Trade Federation battleship, containing battle droids and droid fighters.
  • There is a Jedi outpost on Dantooine which Idnum-Ki, Dular, and the Khoonda/Dantooine militia seek refuge in.
  • 3D models are being used to show extremely wide-scale battle shots.
  • A completely new 3D model is being used for shots of Dantooine in space, made to look like the original from the 2003 game KotOR but now being able to have HD renderings taken of it. It was done in a similar way to planet models/textures I worked on in August, of Manaan and Manaan’s moon.
  • The battle of Dantooine, which is one of the focuses for improvements over in Kaleesh Siege, Dark Visions of the Sith, and Armageddon, will be in many parts – at least three major ones.
  • Mandalorians will be involved in the battle.
  • Dular’s last name is “Sundie”.
  • Qymaen jai Sheelal is now known as “Grievous”.
  • Video versions on YouTube are no longer planned.
  • Flashbacks are shown of the Jedi vs. Kaleesh conflict on Kalee that Grievous spoke of in the original Siege of Dantooine chapters.

Stay tuned, as many more updates will be posted in the next few days.


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  1. Hey, this is Zen Utaru of the PhotonovelEmpire, I honestly can’t wait for your knew photonvel series. The character designs are amazing the photo editing is impressive as well. Hope you do a good job!

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