Still Alive

Hey, it’s been a while, but I’m not dead here! There’s some major news coming up on The Drewton Legacy reboot and my KotOR mod, both of which I have been working on almost nonstop in my spare time, so stay tuned. Darth Kikinou has also been working hard on adding the entire Drewton Legacy original series to Photonovel Alliance and it will be up for reading soon, along with never-before-seen images from cancelled chapters #5 and #24, the last chapters in production.. You can also follow me on Twitter @ABDrewton.


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  1. Drewton,

    I am a big admirer of your TSLMIM modification and there are plenty like me that lurk rather than show their appreciation.

    Please keep working on your wonderful modification! It’ll be the best thing ever created for KotOR II and we are eager to give you feedback on each aspect of your project.

    I am sorry that nobody would come and help with the UV mapping problem. I would do if I had the competence but I don’t.

    Keep it up!

  2. I’m so excited parts of this are going to be out soon, I’ve followed this mod for over a year, constantly checking for signs of life. This is gonna be so epic!

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