Greetings. My real name is Andrew Barton, but on the interwebs I am known as “Drewton”. Obviously, I am a fan of Star Wars, and make Star Wars fanfilms, mods, photonovels, and other works.  I am also a Wookieepedian and an adminstrator of the Star Wars Fanon Wiki.

The projects that I am currently working on right now are Star Wars: The Drewton Legacy (photonovel series since 2006), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Revelation (fanfilm based on KotOR entering production soon), Star Wars Episode I: The Saga Begins (first of an alternate saga, in pre-production since 2008), and The Sith Lords Massive Improvement Mod, a project started in March which has become quite popular.

Every project is made for your enjoyment. I have made this blog to post updates on my work as well as production notes for my photonovel and other behind the scenes material. If you are interested in my work, be sure to keep this bookmarked and stay tuned!

  1. Hey Andrew,

    Nice work! I wish I could load your mods and see the barrack one for sure lol.


  2. When will you release to the public your materials that you DID finish of your TSLMIM project?

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