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Star Wars: In Concert – Toronto

UPDATE: Slideshow added below!

I was at Star Wars: In Concert in Toronto last night and it was fantastic. Much more than I expected and I expected a lot. Anthony Daniels was great (still seems odd that I saw him in person at all) The music was so excellently done it was easy to forget you were watching it being done live.

I think I preferred the first half, which was about the prequels. I’ve actually started to prefer the prequels as movies, although The Empire Strikes Back is my favourite The Phantom Menace is my least favourite. I think it was because of how much emotion – I was surprised at how much there was even though I’d read that’s what the concert tried bringing out – was in the arrangements.

One thing that really surprised me was that, although I dislike Anakin as a nine year old, The Phantom Menace Anakin arrangement was probably my favourite of all of the. Again, because of the emotion. After watching this, I was quite excited for a Vader’s Redemption section which I hoped would come at the end. It did, but I thought that they did no where near the amount they could have for this…and I didn’t like that it started with Vader dying, after he’d been redeemed. Droids was still definitely the weakest arrangement.

However, The Fall of a Hero would have probably been my favourite if I hadn’t seen it already. It was the A Hero Falls music video for Revenge of the Sith back from 2005. Still quite well done, and hearing Battle of the Heroes done live was awesome. Either that or Duel of the Fates had to have been the most awesome of the night to hear live.

Anthony Daniels!

After seeing Star Wars on the three story high HD screen, I don’t think I’m going to be able to go back to watching the DVDs. We really need these on Blu-ray – I was amazed at how crystal clear these were. Although The Phantom Menace is, again, my least favourite, I liked seeing the clips from that episode the most because I’d only seen the film on DVD – which was a really, really bad transfer. Rose tint. Edge enhancement. Excessive noise – I’m against DNR being used, but the noise looked more like just a bad transfer than bad source. It really looked completely different here. This concept could have actually been used to promote a Blu-ray saga boxset.

Anthony Daniels coming on stage with a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey at the end was hilarious, hah hah. He got booed by a few people, unfortunately, LOL!

The exhibit opened an hour before the show began. I was second in line to the exhibit opening, heh heh. The choice of costumes to display was kind of odd…Queen Amidala, Darth Vader, the Imperial Officer, Han Solo in Carbonite, the Royal Guard, Chewbacca, and C-3PO were all great…but Pilot Padme, Invisible Hand Chancellor Palpatine, Plo Koon, and Kit Fisto? I’d replace those with a battle droid, Senate Duel Sidious and EP3 Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also kind of odd not to see R2-D2…maybe Anythony Daniels wouldn’t allow it? ;)

Being next to the Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader costume was awesome though, I had to have my picture taken with it. I’d thought Yoda was going to be the original puppet before but seemed like it was just an unused Attack of the Clones ILM model, which was disappointing.

Here’s a gallery of some of the better pictures I took. Flash exposure was accidentally turned out, resulting in very dark images which had to have brightness and contrast adjustments resulting in excessive (including colour) grain. Most of the non-flash images were blurry, but some still turned out great, notably the second Queen Amidala photo, the Royal Guards, and Kit Fisto. Unfortunately didn’t get close enough to C-3PO and Chewbacca to take any good photos of them. Was very surprised to see fans in costume as Revan and Nihilus, who I took a picture with! Flash was turned off, unfortunately.

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded an HD slideshow to YouTube which also compares the costumes in the photos to screencaptures of the costumes from the films and has a few video clips from the concert.